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Program Architecture

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Program architecture can be thought of as the blueprint of whatever it is you’re trying to build. It’s a high-level plan that has been thoroughly fleshed out before any line of code is ever written.  

Before any coding, before any exploration of potential languages and frameworks, it’s integral to design the high-level structures of the software system you’re trying to build. 

This process involves a serious amount of time spent on discovery and truly understanding the nature of the problem that you’re trying to solve. Once a problem has been well-defined, you can begin to structure a viable solution.

Far too often, first-time developers or entrepreneurs have a task in mind and begin hacking away at their computers before sitting down and seriously considering just how they are going to solve a problem or build a certain product.  

You can build better products and save an immense amount of time, if you take the time in the beginning to lay out the program architecture you have in mind. This will help lead the developers and allow you to produce better quality products.

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